Simple Cheesecake


For sheet:

150g Butter
50g brown Sugar
200g Flour
2 egg Yolks
seeds from Vanilla bean

For cream:

800g Cheese
300g Sour cream
200g Mascarpone
4 Eggs
150g brown Sugar
150g Berries
Zest of one bio Lemon


Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook Time: 90 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy


When I want to surprise my family with something sweet I cook a delicious cheesecake. Most often I make simple cheesecake, but this time I added some berries from the freezer. The secret of this cheesecake is that it must stay in the oven at least one hour and a half at 140° C to prevent from cracking.

To prepare the sheet I mixed the soft butter with the sugar. I added cheese, egg yolks, flour and seeds from vanilla bean. I mixed up until I got a soft dough. I put the dough in fridge for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile I was preparing the cheese cream. I mixed cheese, sugar, eggs, sour cream, mascarpone cheese until I got a soft cream. Finally I added lemon zest and berries.




I stretched dough on a baking pan with removable walls covered with baking paper. I put the cream cheese on top. I put the cheesecake  in preheated oven at 140° C for an hour and a half.



I let the cheesecake to cool overnight.



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